The collection takes inspiration from life underwater. The pieces are crafted with an obsessive attention to detail.

vfw / 2018



Atlantica is a hidden gem that only eyes that stare into the abyss can see.


 A place where people can refer to as the holy land, there are a few who have ventured into the world down under to explore the culturally transcendent and their relationship to elemental forces.  A haven full of beauty and the unlikely.

Atlantica the collection 2018

Atlantica the collection 2018

In our heads objects can be re-invented, and I like to imagine that by looking to a piece you can be transported to a world like no other.


The concept of this design aims to capture and explore a third of our lives that we spend unconscious when we are underwater.  A world full of the unknown, the very instinctive and unpredictable, there is a certain mystery and a story to tell.

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Atlantica the collection 2018